DRAFT: Southeast Neighbors Board Minutes 1/25/17



Discussions around the ‘Amazon Corners’ issue, to prevent future miscommunication.

  • Len Epstein comments generally agreed-to by the board members present, with editorial comments:
    • Committee members should be unbiased, and fewer than half the board size..
    • Committee members should not unilaterally choose or facilitate the hiring of a consultant without first consulting with the Board and getting Board approval.
    • Committees are subcommittees, and should be gathering information and recommendations for the full Board. Subcommittees, including their authorized consultants, are not empowered to represent the Board by acting or taking positions unilaterally.
    • Information from authorized consultants should be weighed by the committee and incorporated into recommendations to the full Board for its consideration and vote at a time deemed appropriate by the subcommittee.
    • Utilize unbiased consultants where possible (difficult in actual practice).
    • No paid consultants/lawyers unless the Board determines it is necessary because of extraordinary circumstances.
    • Only comments approved by official Board vote may be presented as positions of the board. Other comments by SEN board members should be specifically expressed as personal views.
    • Pertinent information received from outside parties should be shared with the entire board.
    • Information from authorized consultants should be weighed by the relevant subcommittee and incorporated into recommendations presented to the full Board.
    • All decisions and notices presented in the name of the Board should follow communication with all board members, and barring legal necessity as determined by the Chair, should follow an official Board vote.
    • The Board should inform the neighborhood of relevant matters for its consideration, solicit its feedback, and then, after possible consultation and deliberation, do its best to make informed decisions or representations to the public and City.
    • The Board should attempt to represent all SEN residents. Residents who submit comments or express their views at SEN meetings are not necessarily representative of the SEN community as a whole.
    • Since SEN has about 12,000 residents, the attendees of any SEN meeting are not representative of the whole community. A meeting attendance of 200 people is less than 1.6% of our residents.
    • When residents have concerns which the Board deems to have merit, the Board should express that it views those concerns as worthy of consideration.
    • Minutes should include all motions and voting. Detailed recording of votes not agreed to by Duncan.

The Board approved a SEN Charter Subcommittee, David & Lealan joined. An invitation to SEN residents to participate will be included in the SEN community newsletter.

The Board approved Heather getting out a USPS mailing about the 2/2 General Meeting.

Betty Taylor will address attendees on current City issues

Alyssa Hansen & Eben Fodor will have a Q&A session on Amazon Corners

Duncan will bring a SEN Land Use map to the 2/2 meeting.

Duncan will attempt to get a SEN Zoning map to the 2/2 meeting.

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Lealan Swanson (VP), Ken Beeson (Treas.), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, David Monk, Dennis Hebert, Emily Fox

Board Members Absent: Deborah Noble, Jenny Oberst Lupton

Neighbors Present:  none

Guests:  none