Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Radio Drill: Saturday, February 4th

by Don Metheny, Southeast Neighbors CERT Lead


Next Radio Drill

We will conduct another drill on Saturday, February 4th, at 4pm.  The focus of this drill will be to establish clear two way contacts.  It may take a little longer but I would like you to test your ability to have a good two-way conversation on your radios.  To help, we need to practice some radio etiquette and slow down our pace a bit.  You may find yourself listening a bit more and talking a bit less, but we will still have fun.


There is a standard radio etiquette used by fire, police, ham radio, and others that has proven to be the most efficient way to communicate.  To initiate a conversation: Name the person/position you want to talk to, followed by your name/position; (“Bill, this is Larry at 4th and Ferry”)  Pause for their response so you know they are listening; (“Larry, this is Bill, go ahead”).  Then be as brief as possible with your conversation so others can get on, as needed.  Remember that we will all be on the same band (FRS Channel 5) so we have to share and we have to take turns.  Once you make a contact, try to get into the practice of documenting it.  Who did you contact and when.  You can even document the nature of the conversation.

In the future we will have a drill where we can practice passing a message from one end of the neighborhood to the other.  If you would like more practice when there are fewer people on the same channel, just let me know and I can set something up.

First Radio Drill a Success

Southeast Neighbors conducted a radio drill on Sunday, January 8th.  Based on the reports I received, I think everyone enjoyed trying out their radios.  For this drill I counted contacts as anytime one person could hear another.  I’m sure I didn’t get all the reports, but I mapped the ones I did get on google maps.  You can view it at this link.


Most of us used our radios indoors due to the rainy weather.  At least one brave soul stood outside at the corner and he was able to contact more people.  If you have any suggestions or further contact reports, please email them to me:


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