Southeast Neighbors General Meeting February 2, 2017: Video and and Draft Minutes

Draft Meeting Minutes

by Duncan Rhodes

Introduction of the SEN Board

Public forum

Betty Taylor gave a reprise on the City Council:

  • The Rental Housing Code has been renewed without the previous sunset provision.
  • Next week the City Council work sessions will be on Downtown safety and sanitation, the smoking ordinance, a dogs ordinance. Inclusionary zoning, which had previously been scheduled, was bumped to make space for this.
  • City Council meetings are the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month at Harris Hall. The public is allowed 2-3 minutes each for public comment, beginning at 7:30 PM. Sign up for speaking begins at 7:00pm. Transitional housing and parks are future topics on their work agenda.

Amazon Corners Q&A session with Alissa Hansen, Eugene Planning Dept. (541-682-5508, and Eben Fodor, Planning Consultant, Fodor & Associates (541-345-8246)

  • Multiple comments by the audience concerned the Amazon Corners project. Most comments centered around the issues of the proposed five-story building height, traffic congestion caused by additional residents and businesses at the site, potential traffic mitigation and safety issues, and reduction in the quality of life of the neighboring residents.
  • Alissa stated that the existing C-2 building code permitted structure heights up to 120 feet. Since the proposed building height was less than that, the Planning Department had no choice but to approve the project on those grounds. A TIA (Traffic Impact Analysis) was performed on the project by an independent engineer, and the City Traffic Engineer accepted that analysis as sufficient.
  • Eben disputed the comprehensiveness and correctness of the TIA, stating that the analysis should have extended further to the west and south of the building location, should have included traffic counts during the morning rush, and did not adequately address all the traffic issues that would be caused by this project.
  • The majority of audience members in attendance generally strongly opposed this project.
  • An advisory motion was passed by a vote of 26 to 5 for the SEN Board to request an appeal opposing this project, upon the grounds that the TIA was inadequate. An appeal by Southeast Neighbors will cause the $250 appeal fee to be waived. Friends of Amazon Creek will be responsible for pursuing this appeal, not the SEN Board.
  • An advisory motion was passed by a vote of 32 to 3 that a letter be crafted to the City Council, the Developer, and the Planning Department stating that the attendees of this meeting, while not necessarily representing the opinions of the entirety of the Southeast Eugene Neighborhood, strongly opposed this project as currently presented, and requests that the building height be limited to three stories and that the TIA area be expanded. Janet will write this letter, to be approved by email vote of the SEN Board. Update 2/15/17 – Letter follows:

Amazon Corner Letter

by Janet Bevirt, on behalf of the majority of Southeast Neighbors attending the 2/2/17 Southeast Neighbors General Meeting

On Thursday, February 2nd, a Southeast Neighbors General Meeting was held, video was taken and is available. In attendance were 7 Southeast Neighbors Board Members, Betty Taylor/Ward 2 City Councilor, Alissa Hansen/Principal City Planner, Eben Fodor/ Community Planner and Land Use Consultant, and over 60 people from the community.

It was announced that on January 27, 2017, the Eugene Planning Director conditionally approved a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for File: Amazon Corner (TIA 16-7), a new mixed-use residential and commercial building development proposed at 3195 Hilyard Street. The planning department also approved two associated site variances for parking and a larger building layout.

At the meeting there was an exchange of many comments, questions and answers between the planners, community members and board members. The vast majority of sentiment expressed, was that people would welcome the Amazon Corner development if it were only three stories, because it would be more compatible with the neighborhood, there would be fewer traffic issues, less on street parking problems, less light pollution at night, and more solar access for surrounding residences. We believe these are legitimate Southeast Neighborhood community concerns.

Near the end of the meeting a motion was made and the vote passed, asking that a letter be placed on the Southeast Neighbors website and sent to the Amazon Corner Developer, the City of Eugene (Planning Department, and the Mayor, City Council and City Manager) and the newspaper. This letter would state that the majority of the attendees of this meeting oppose the Amazon Corner development as currently proposed with five stories, and request that the building height be lowered to three stories. Also, another motion was made and the vote passed, stating that the Southeast Neighborhood Association and Friends of Amazon Creek would appeal the Land Use Decision of the Eugene Planning Director’s approval of the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA), and that the Southeast Neighbors Board would not be held accountable for any legal costs. Friends of Amazon Creek agreed to assume financial responsibility for any related costs.

In the 8/26/16 Register Guard article about Amazon Corner, Mike Coughlin said, “I want it to be a nice project. We want it to blend in with the area and have it be a place for the neighborhood and community to appreciate.” We agree completely and since Mike Coughlin previously expressed interest in a three story building, we hope for an amicable, win-win resolution between the Developer and the Southeast Neighbors’ community.

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, David Monk, Deborah Noble, Dennis Hebert, Emily Fox

Board Members Absent: Lealan Swanson (VP), Ken Beeson (Treas.), Jenny Oberst Lupton

Neighbors Present (60): Alida Bevirt, Alissa Hansen, Ann Miller(?), Anne Burrowes, Betty Taylor, Carole Bennett, Charles Powell, Charlie Loeb, Christine Sundt, Cindy Allen, Clayton Gantier, Craig Starr, David Saul, Debbie Hebert, Debra Sthilaire, Dennice McDaniel, Dennis Casady, Diane Tuires(?), Eben Fodor, Fawne Donaldson, Gerald Astrella(?), Glissa Howell, Gwyneth Iredale, Hope Marston, James Brock, Janet Bevirt, Jerry Hambleton, Jerry Smith, Jess Roshale, Karen Cox(?), Kit Kirkpatrick, Laurel Burke, Linda Heyl, Lisa Lambert, Lisa-Marie DiVincent, Louis Nosce, Luke Habberstad, M. Cappel(?), Maggie Donahue, Marilyn Ripley, Mary Addams, Maura Egan, Mark Cohen, Nancy Classen, Nancy Schwieger, Paul Spragers, Pavel Gobanitchin (?), Philip Nesbitt(?), Piotr Esden-Tempsh, Rebecca Brooks, Riley MacPherson, Ron Bevirt, Rosemary Nigro, S. Fulton, Sandra Scheetz(?), Sally Elmstad, Seth Sadofsky, Taylor Winegar, Tim Lowery, Tom Halferty,

Guests: Eben Fodor and Alissa Hansen

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