Lane County sells parkland to City of Eugene to assist with completion of Ridgeline Trail System

from Lane County

Lane County commissioners voted to sell the City of Eugene a parcel of unused parkland in South Eugene that will help the City to continue developing its popular Ridgeline Trail System as agencies work together to realize the vision of the Rivers to Ridges Partnership.

The vacant parcel is located off of Bloomberg Road and East 30th Avenue. It was acquired by Lane County in 1996 as a tax foreclosed property. The L-shaped parcel is sloped, ranging from moderate to steep, with standing timber.

“We are glad that this parkland can help the City of Eugene complete the Ridgeline Trail System,” said Lane County Parks Manager Mike Russell. “It is a wonderful resource for the community and we know that many of our residents look forward to an uninterrupted trail system.”

The City has offered $31,000 for the parcel. It is estimated the parcel would sell for around $65,000 at a Sheriff’s sale. A sale to the City would ensure the parcel remains in public use.

The proceeds from the sale will be placed in the Parks Fund, which is used to maintain and operate Lane County parks.

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