Bicycle Registration Online for Free with EPD

home-register-bikeEPD’s Crime Prevention Unit would like to encourage South Eugene Neighbors to register their bikes.

  1. If you are a City of Eugene resident in the incorporated area of the City, you can register for free with EPD at
  2. If you are a student at the University of Oregon, you can register with UO at

Registering your bicycle does not prevent it from being stolen, but it increases your chances of getting it back. Another benefit of registration is that it helps you prove it is yours. Even if your bike is stolen in Eugene and recovered in another state, you increase your chances of getting it back, as we are connected to other law enforcement agencies through a national crime database.

If your bike is stolen, it is very important that you report this to EPD (whether it is registered or not) and you can do this online 24/7 at Happened a couple months ago and you didn’t report it? It’s not too late, you can report incidents anytime.

If you do not own a bicycle but have friends or family who do, please encourage them to use this public service by sharing this post.