NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING – Amazon Corner Appeal – Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 5:30pm

by Planning and Development

The Eugene Hearings Official will hold a public hearing to consider an appeal of the Planning Director’s decision approving a Traffic Impact Review for a new mixed-use development including apartments, ground-floor commercial space, and on-site parking. The hearing will be at: Harris Hall, Lane County Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue.

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Public Hearing Format:
1. Staff introduction/presentation
2. Public testimony from applicant and others in support of application.
3. Comments or questions from interested persons who neither are proponents nor opponents of the proposal.
4. Public testimony from those in opposition to application.
5. Staff response to testimony.
6. Questions from Hearings Official.
7. Rebuttal testimony from applicant.
8. Closing of public hearing.


  • Jonathan Lauch, Amazon Corner, LLC


  • Dennis Hebert, Southeast Neighbors Association
  • William Collinge, Friends of Amazon Creek
  • Eben Fodor, Fodor & Associates, LLC
  • Lead Staff: Eric Berg-Johansen, Associate Planner; 541-682-5437
  • Scott Gillespie, Development Review Manager, Public Works Engineering

Subject Property/Location/Size: Northeast corner of the Hilyard Street and East 32nd Avenue intersection

How to Submit Testimony: You can attend the public hearing and state your concerns. You are also encouraged to submit written testimony if you have detailed comments you wish to make. Your written comments must include your mailing address if you are not already included on the City’s interested parties list and wish to be included on the mailing list for any future notices, including notice of decision, on this appeal. Send written testimony to the Eugene Hearings Official, c/o Erik Berg-Johansen, via e-mail at; or via regular mail or hand delivered to: City of Eugene Planning Division, 99 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401 prior to the hearing. You can also submit written testimony at the hearing.

The Hearings Official will not make a decision at this hearing. The Eugene Code requires that a written decision must be made within 15 days of close of the public comment period. To be notified of the Hearings Official’s decision, fill out a request form at the public hearing or contact the lead City staff as noted above. The decision will also be posted at

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AMAZON CORNER Application Materials Application Materials 11/17/2016
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AMAZON CORNER Public Notice Public Notice 12/16/2016
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AMAZON CORNER Supplemental Materials (12-26-16) Supplemental Materials 12/27/2016
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AMAZON CORNER Public Notice-Revised Public Notice 12/27/2016
AMAZON CORNER Staff Correspondence Staff Communication 12/27/2016
AMAZON CORNER Referral Comments (2) Referral Comments 1/9/2017
AMAZON CORNER Applicant Response to Public Comment Public Comments 1/10/2017
AMAZON CORNER Public Comment Public Comments 1/12/2017
AMAZON CORNER Notice of Decision Notice of Decision 1/27/2017
AMAZON CORNER Notice of Decision mailing list Notice of Decision mailing list 1/27/2017
AMAZON CORNER Traffic Impact Analysis Decision Document Decision Document 1/27/2017
AMAZON CORNER Adjustment Review Decision Document Decision Document 1/27/2017
AMAZON CORNER Appeal Materials Appeal Materials 2/8/2017
AMAZON CORNER Hearing Notice Hearing Notice 2/9/2017
AMAZON CORNER Hearing Notice Mailing List Hearing Notice Mailing List 2/9/2017
STADTER Referral Comments Staff Communication 12/27/2016