Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Radio Drill: Sunday, March 5 at 8:30PM

by Larry Kirkpatrick, SEN CERT – Communications Specialist

We will conduct another drill on Sunday, March 5th at 8:30pm (FRS radio frequency 5.0).  Hopefully this time will work for more people.  I have been asked to coordinate this check-in.  I will begin by naming a few of the regulars to see if they are on… followed by a general call for others to check-in.  

Remember to get the  attention of the person you want to talk to by saying their name first, followed by your name and then pausing for them to respond to make sure they have heard you. 

For example:  “Larry, this is Doc.”  I would then respond, “Doc, this is Larry, I hear you”.  Then give your location and I might repeat it and say “Is that correct?”… 

After a little practice this will become second nature and our communication will become clearer.  We may need to help each other to learn some simple radio etiquette.