What are South Eugene Neighbors Talking about on NextDoor.com?

Southeast Neighbors are using NextDoor.com to:

  • Quickly get the word out about a break-in
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Track down a trustworthy babysitter
  • Sell furntiture and knick knacks
  • Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost dog
  • Find a new home for an outgrown bike
  • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name

Here are some of the top headlines from this week. You can join NextDoor for free at https://nextdoor.com/.

Volunteer Option

From Friendly Area · 2h ago

Willamette Resources & Educational Network (WREN) – Eugene
New Volunteer Orientation Days are coming up March 4th and March 9th. See here for more details: http://wewwild.blogspot.com/2017/02/spri…

Cans and bottles for the twins

From Blanton Rd · 11 Feb

First of all, I want to thank everyone who gives cans and bottles to the twins. Today I went to clean out the locked cupboard at the church and I just want to give a reminder to everyone. Both of the two garbage cans into which we put our cans and bottles were full to overflowing. Out of all those cans and bottles, 12 were redeemable. The rest will need to be taken to the recycling center. Please View more

Do you have a metal roof?

From Friendly Area · 23h ago

Hi Neighbors! Do any of you have metal roofs? We have a mechanically seemed metal roof that was installed prior to our purchase of our home & need some repairs. We have had a difficult time finding anyone who works on or installs these roofs.

Landscape and irrigation companies?

From Friendly Area · 1d ago

Hi neighbors,

We have a yard project that will involve grass removal and some careful rototilling.
Phase two is drip irrigation installation.
Any company recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Help identify bone

From Southwest Hills · 4d ago
Photo from Heather Hayes

Can anyone help us identify what species this is from?

Amazon Corners

From Southeast Eugene · 14 Feb

H,i neighbors—Is there any updates on the 5 story monstrosity going up on Hilyard? I do apologize that I haven’t been able to go to any of the meetings as I have a very sick husband. Can anyone fill me in, please? Is the fight over? Is it a done deal???

hardwood floor refinishing

From Friendly Area · 1d ago

Would folks forward any oak floor refinishing service company names whom they have had a great experience with?

dog groomer

From Fox Hollow · 2d ago

Please provide recommendations for affordable dog groomer. Thank you

Speech Therapy

From Southwest Hills · 6d ago

Hello all!

We just moved to the area and are very happy with the friendly neighborhood. I wanted to put it out there that I just started a private practice for speech therapy. I work in an office or your home and assist with many areas of need, including speech, language, voice, cognition, and swallow. People need speech therapy after stroke, brain injury, with progressive disease (i.e. View more

Large Tuscon Hard Wood Designer Armoire

From Friendly Area · 20h ago
Photo from Jane Bowers

Armoire for sale. I had this in a local store sale for $400…and they are redesigning their store, so needing to move out immediately. Dropping the price down to $150. just to get it moved out. If interested, give me a call. It’s hard wood, wide and tall, lovely piece of furniture. The movers allowed the doors to fly open on the way there..so there is some bent areas at the hinges, but can be View more

From Friendly Area · 12 Feb

I’m looking to get estimates from very reasonable construction/plumbers for putting in a very small bathroom and kitchen in an existing cabin.

training in microsoft applications

From Southwest Hills · 3d ago

Looking for someone experienced in excel, access and possibly other software to help me brush up in building tables, charts, data bases, etc. Will pay up to $15 an hour

Seeking 1-2 bedroom Rental

From Fox Hollow · 18h ago

Hi Neighbors,

Does anyone know of a duplex or (private) apartment available to rent in the Fox Hollow/SE Eugene area? I am looking for a one or two bedroom space with a garage, if possible. Have already searched the online classifieds and Craigslist and hoping to avoid any of the big rental companies. I would love to talk with you if you know of anything. Thank you!

Selling my (sadly, barely used) elliptical

From Tugman Park · 18h ago
Photo from Dazzia Szczepaniak

Aargh! I thought I was going to be different! I thought I would use this everyday! I thought I would break the mold of people who purchase expensive workout equipment only to have it become the laundry drying rack! Alas…. my slack is your win…

Workshop Tables

From Friendly Area · 19h ago
Photo from Jane Bowers
 I have two heavy duty workshops tables that I got for Home Depot and put together. They’ve been great and work well. I’ve added an upper shelf to one of them. The have a lower shelf also for storage. $150 for both of them. One is two put together and a large piece of plywood screwed to the top making it one giant table. The other is long yet about 2feet wide.

Car Ransacked

From Edgewood · 3d ago

Just a heads up that my car was ransacked sometime during the night last night. I live at the top of Hilyard in South Eugene. I always lock my car but unfortunately broke my normal routine yesterday and it appears I left it unlocked. Thankfully I don’t leave anything of value in my car, so all that was taken was what little change I leave in there for parking meters. But they clearly rummaged View more

Spring Cleaning in Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden

From Fairmount · 1d ago
Photo from Noah Parsons

Come join the wonderful volunteers who have already spent many hours cleaning up storm debris and nurse the Rhododendron Garden back from a brutal winter, Tuesday mornings in March, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Ward 2 Safe Spot Location

From Southeast Eugene · 4d ago
Photo from Heather Sielicki

Rest stops, also known as “Safe Spots,” are managed, gated communities of up to 20 people in tents, tiny homes, or Conestoga huts. They offer supportive, temporary emergency shelter. The Eugene City Council has expressed support for providing a rest stop in every Ward. Where could a program like this find the most support in Ward 2? How could we support it as a community?

Looking for piano teacher

From Southwest Hills · 3d ago

Hi I am looking for a piano teacher for myself and my wife (in early 30s), I’ll also need help in buying a good quality piano. Preferable sessions on Wednesdays and/or weekends. TIA


From Southwest Hills · 4d ago

We just had a large tree cut down and now have a large pile of wood!
Free to anyone who wants it.

Event in need of Tent! (and patio heater)

From Laurel Hill · 2d ago

‘Wondering if anyone has a 15′ x 20’ outdoor event tent (with walls) that you’d like to rent to me for one evening? Also looking for a propane patio heater to heat tent. I don’t really want to buy these things for one event, and all the rental companies in town are charging an arm-and-a leg. I would take great care of them. I just need something for a small yard space in the cold. Thank View more

potato starch and sorghum flour

From Southeast Eugene · 2d ago

Looking to pass on a new and opened bags of both Anthony’s potato starch and Liv Organic Sprouted Sorghum flour. We had a diet change, so no more grains or starches like this. Would love to recoup some of the $40 I paid for the unopened bags. New Potato starch is 5 lbs and new Sorghum is 1.5 lbs. These are gluten-free also.

Help wanted: Someone experienced in instlling ‘push-type’ and other types of cupboard latches

From Tugman Park · 3d ago

Need an experienced person whose rate is reasonable and can do the work this week. Five cupboards with ‘push’ type latches and possibly nine others with the ‘finger-push’ type of safety latch.

Gabe’s Helping Hands Available Tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday Holiday

From South University · 5d ago

My son Gabe Stephen-Herman, is available to help with moving, cleaning, outdoor work, other chores. He is strong, patient, courteous, and has helped out quite a few people from this list. He is 23 and a student a Lane Community College. He charges $10 per hour. He is back in school full time, but available Saturdays and some Friday afternoons