South Eugene Disaster Resiliency Check In: March 15

Join us at Roosevelt Middle School Cafeteria on Wednesday, March 15 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm for a disaster resiliency check in. The meeting format will be brief presentations followed by Q&A.

After the Ice Storms: What We Learned in South Eugene – Dr. Geoffrey Simmons, CERT Coordinator
Geoffrey Simmons is a medical doctor from Eugene, Oregon who teaches disaster preparedness locally, regionally and nationally. He will share his experience in South Eugene with the recent ice storms and recommend some practical preparedness tips to help you get ready for the next big event. Dr. Simmons is the author of Common Sense and Disaster Preparedness.

Diversifying Water Supplies for Resiliency – Jeannine Parisi, EWEB
Eugene is the only city in the Northwest with a single source of drinking water supply. With only a few days of reservoir storage, if something were to impact the river, or interrupt the filtration plant or distribution system, 200,000 area residents would be without water. The Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake potential adds another and much more severe level of risk to relying on a single source. Find out what EWEB is doing to reduce risks.

Block Captain Program Update – Heather Sielicki, Southeast Neighbors
Find out where we are with the neighborhood disaster plan and implementation of the block captain training program. Take home materials will be available to help you map your neighborhood.