Southeast Neighbors Electronic Communication: Who do we reach?

The Southeast Neighbors boundaries include some 5,500 households. Over the past four years, electronic communication with the neighborhood has grown from 75 people on a listserv to a weekly email newsletter with 800 subscribers. We have 500 Facebook followers and 300 Twitter followers. Over 1,000 Southeast Neighbors use NextDoor.


On average, our Tweets earn 7K impressions over a 28 day period.



On Facebook our reach is around 3K. Here are the people who like our page.


Web Site

The web site traffic has grown steadily. The web site was converted from a wiki format to the current WordPress content management system. A little more than 2,000 unique visitors used the site in the first year. Last year, there were over 12,000.



Having so many ways to reach community members has helped us to better communicate neighborhood issues, public meeting information, safety and weather related news, and community building opportunities. These electronic tools help us to stretch our limited resources and maintain the information stream during times of low funding or limited volunteer capacity. Volunteer editors and contributors are always needed.

Please contact me at to help out or for more information.