Livable Transit Corridors Public Webinar: March 16

TRB Webinar: Livable Transit Corridors
March 16, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
City of Eugene Engineering 4th floor Garden Room
Wells Fargo Bank Bldg., 99 E. Broadway at Broadway and Oak

TRB will conduct a webinar that features research from the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)’s Report 187: Livable Transit Corridors: Methods, Metrics, and Strategies. The planning method presented in the handbook was developed by studying more than 350 transit corridors throughout the U.S. It offers an operational framework for defining and assessing livability to provide clear guidance for corridor-level visioning and planning. A set of analysis tools was developed to identify corridor livability strengths and needs, and recommend paths to implementation.

This webinar will examine the potential for transit access, land use and transportation integration, and a stakeholder-driven set of assessment and implementation tools to improve livability in transit corridors.

This webinar is pending approval by the American Institute of Certified Planners for 2.0 Certification Maintenance Credits.

Webinar Presenters

  • Christopher Ferrell, CFA Consultants
  • Matthew Taecker, Taecker Planning & Design
  • Bruce Appleyard, CFA Consultants

Moderated by: Val Menotti, Bay Area Rapid Transit