Land Use Application Submitted

by Dennis Hebert

A new land use application has been submitted for 365 E. 31st Ave by Bob Wright for an adult group home. Mr. Wright is checking to make sure that what he is proposing is within the current land use zoning. It is currently R 1.  ( If the proposal meets the current R 1 zoning criteria, there would be no public input.)

The project would be designed for seniors, ageing-in-placers, frail elderly, people with disabilities or special needs, or anyone needing shared supportive housing that  incorporates universal design and other modifications as necessary for affordable, adaptive, visitable and inclusive living.

Intended population is low income with incomes not to exceed 80% of median, and may be eligible for HUD rental assistance.

Mr. Wright has supplied three possible scenarios for placement of the housing on existing property.

The link below will take you to the City’s website with the complete application.