Southeast Neighbors Spring Meeting: Thursday, May 4

You are cordially invited to attend the Southeast Neighbors Spring Meeting on Thursday, May 4th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, Hilyard Center, 2580 Hilyard St. Free child care will be available on site.


Agenda Review and Introductions (5)
Current Chair/Current Board

Public Comment (15)
All meetings are open to the public and begin with a public comment session for citizens to express opinions, raise issues, and provide information to the Association. We are committed to treating all people fairly, and to fully embracing the unique contribution of all residents regardless of age, faith, race, national origin, immigration status, gender identity, ability, ethnicity, housing status, sexual orientation, economic or other social status.

Neighborhood Board Candidate Statements & Questions (45)
Those wishing to serve on the board will share a brief statement and answer questions from the committee. Seven positions are open for election to the neighborhood board on Thursday, May 4: chair, vice-chair and five at-large directors. Every resident, property owner, and business owner (18 years of  age or older) within the neighborhood boundary is eligible to vote and serve.
Nominating Committee

First/Second Ballot Elections (15)
Nominating Committee

Election Results/Adjournment/Refreshments (15)
New Chair/New Board

The Southeast Neighbors Association is advisory to the City Council, Planning Commission, and other City boards, commissions, and officials on matters affecting the growth and development of the neighborhood. The Association may develop proposals with respect to land use, zoning, parks, open space and recreation, annexation, housing, community facilities, transportation and traffic, public safety, sanitation, and other activities and public services which affect the neighborhood.