Amazon Corners Appeal Update

On February 8, 2017, Southeast Neighbors and Friends of Amazon Creek filed a joint appeal on the City Planning Director’s January 27, 2017 conditional approval of the Traffic Impact Analysis for the proposed Amazon Corner development.

On April 4, the City Hearing’s Official denied the SEN/FAC appeal and affirmed the original approval.  Parties that wish to appeal the HO decision have until April 25 to file with LUBA.

On April 18, the SEN Chair sent out an opinion poll to neighbors asking the question, “Should Southeast Neighbors Appeal The Amazon Corners Traffic Impact Analysis Decision To The Oregon?” These were the results as of 4/21/7.

On April 19 at 12:56 pm, the SEN Chair formally requested an electronic vote of the SEN Board, asking the question, “Should SEN appeal the Amazon Corner Traffic Impact Analysis decision to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals?” Under SEN Charter, this electronic vote is open until 12:56 pm on April 22.

On April 20, board members David Monk, Deborah Noble, Dennis Hebert and Emily Fox released the following notes of their closed door meeting on April 14.

The Land use Committee supports Friends of Amazon Creek’s efforts to appeal if they wish to take it to LUBA. The Committee does not agree with the Hearing Officer’s decision. The Committee majority was of the opinion that there probably isn’t much to be gained by an appeal, but that out of respect to our co-appellants in the TIA appeal, we would wait until we heard back from FAC before making our recommendation to the Board.

Recommendation: The Southeast Neighbors Board of Directors not appeal to LUBA the City of Eugene Hearing Official’s decision to affirm the Planning Director’s conditional approval of the Traffic Analysis for the propose Amazon Corner development.

As of this release, there are 4 NO votes cast in the electronic vote of the SEN Board. Assuming the majority of board votes will be no or that no additional votes will be cast before the voting period closes, there will be no appeal by Southeast Neighbors.