Southeast Neighbors Candidate Questions for Thursday, May 4th Elections

The elections for the neighborhood board will occur at our May 4 General meeting at the Hilyard Community Center. Every resident, property owner, and business owner (18 years of age or older) within the neighborhood boundary is eligible to vote and serve.

All those interested in participating as a candidate are encouraged to send an email to the chair of the nominating committee (David Monk, That email should include the candidates name, address, and phone number and respond to the following questions:

  1. What personal experience and/or skills do you have that are relevant to serving on a neighborhood board?
  2. Would you want to serve in one of the four (chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary) executive board positions? Which one?
  3. Do you have sufficient time in your schedule to participate in monthly board and committee meetings? Would you be willing to help with occasional work parties, preparation for our membership meetings, and our annual picnic?
  4. Given what you know about the work of the board why are you running for a position on the board and what would you be most interested being involved in?

All candidates nominated by the committee and from the floor on the night of the elections should be prepared to give a short two minute talk conveying their responses to the questions asked above and any other information they want to share.