Thoughts from the President: Reflections on the Past 5-Years with the Southeast Neighbors Board

Southeast Neighbors is a vibrant and diverse community with a passion for participation in civic affairs. By working with other neighbors, non-profits, businesses, governments and communities of faith on local issues, we get a broad perspective on the issues we face and have a real opportunity to make a difference.

Some of the problems we tackled during my 4-year term as Board Chair included expanding our community outreach and attracting broader participation; supporting disaster preparedness through neighborhood planning and education; addressing housing and homelessness; improving our air quality, nature and green spaces through sustainable collaboration with community partners; building relationships with other neighborhood associations;  working on city-wide problems; and advocating for transportation improvements.

In Land Use issues where neighbors were concerned about community impact, we helped to empower community action. We tackled the Amazon Headwaters, proposed cell towers, the South Willamette Special Area Zone, Rest Haven, the Amazon Corner apartments, and several smaller proposed projects.

To help foster community, we turned the Southeast Neighbors Annual Picnic at Tugman Park into a festival with local music, information booths and food trucks. We hosted dessert socials and discussion circles. We made recycled art, collected broken electronics with our local schools,  and had a logo designed to represent our spirit. We added a weekly eNewsletter in addition to our paper newsletter to make sure our community receives relevant, timely information. We marched in the Eugene Celebration parade with the Mayor twice!


Sunday Streets South Eugene, 2012

May 4th marks the end of my term as president and service as a Board member. It has truly been an honor to participate in our community in this way. Please join me at the May 4 General Meeting to elect our next team of leaders to the Association.

Heather Sielicki served on the Southeast Neighbors Board from 2013-2017 in Secretary, Webmaster/Social Media Manager, Newsletter Editor, Chair, and Meeting Facilitator roles. She is currently a member of the Neighborhood Leaders Council, the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Board, the Vulnerable Populations Working Group, the 4J Parent Leaders Network, and the Human Rights Commission Homelessness Work Group