Emergency Preparedness in the Neighborhood

Preparing for potential disasters can help us respond in more effective ways to save lives, minimize injuries, and lessen damage to our homes and businesses. Other major disasters have demonstrated how important the first 72 hours are to accomplish these goals. For an event like a major earthquake it’s understood that the City’s emergency services will be overwhelmed and that our communications, water, and electrical systems will likely be disabled.  Having a neighborhood-based response plan can make a major difference in those critical first days.

The Southeast Neighborhood Association has developed a Disaster Plan that outlines strategies that our members can take to protect themselves and their families and coordinate with their neighbors to support one another in the event of a disaster. The Plan is based on the recognition that the first priorities in a disaster are self, family, and neighbors. It is built on the concept of each household preparing as best they can for their own safety and well being while empowering neighbors to organize and coordinate with one another to respond effectively when the time comes.

Our intention is to implement this Plan throughout our neighborhood so that we can protect and sustain ourselves in the event of a major disaster.  We hope this Plan will inspire those who recognize the importance of this preparation to get involved with the neighborhood’s efforts.

Please contact us through the “Volunteer” link on our website or contact the Board Chair David Monk at 541-520-9572 to explore how you can participate.

Southeast Neighbors Disaster Plan Initial Release.docx

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