November 5, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

GENERAL MEETING ON DEC 7TH AT 7 PM at the Hilyard Center( but possibly
Good Sam- to be decided) Possible agenda items are as follows:
  1. Block captains-designate
  2. Two speakers-  one on geology, natural disasters( the big earthquake), the other on emergency preparedness-food, water, safety, power outages etc.
    Lynne will ask Marli Miller(geology)
    David will ask the city (emergency prep)
Send out postcards right after Thanksgiving(ask folks to bring food to share?)
Meeting details
  1. childcare-Krystal ask husband
  2. Food- donations from Hideaway-and/or board members bring Hors D’oevres,neighbors bring foo
Picnic raised $372 in raffle,Expenses $920(Pedal Power, Mood Area 52, chair
  rentals, coconut bliss, bowls and eating utensils All were paid but have not been reimbursed from city yet. Expect approx $900 from city.
Current bank balance is $346
Currently $3,893 in city allocation funds. Assume $2800 will come to us on  11/1
Keep $1800 for mailing in November
Discussion on how to spend city allocated money -look into preparedness kits
City allocates money 3 times a year
Discussion on what are policies should be. Should anyone on SEN board be allowed to
  contribute to either?  Who should be admins, editor, contributors
  1. suggested that website should focus on basic info whereas  current events and  short notice things could be on social media
  2. less people managing website is safer but maybe more taxing for those involved
  3. there is still a concern about board member’s roles and who should manage which aspect-contributors are Laurel, Dennis, William 
           admins-Laurel, Lynne, David
           social media-Krystal (linking to website)
4  we need to make sure that content posted on website is not altered or that the
    meaning  of a post is not changed. Only grammatical errors can be corrected
5 two admins should agree if content is ok
6 social media needs policy language also
David will come up with some policies for board to consider- this topic needs
   more discussion
5119 Fox Hollow is requesting to partition the property into 3 lots. Not in development phase yet. Application will be submitted in a few weeks from10/5/17. Not enough info yet to make a decision although plans show a lot of densification on 7 acres with some steep lots. Drainage is an issue. Dennis will keep the board updated.
Good Samaritan disaster event Oct 19 at 10:19 am
Discussion on coordinating with this event led to discussion of Block Captains because
  Good Samaritan is where we bring injured people in case of a disaster in South Eugene Neighborhood
1 David get Block Captain list from Heather
2 Laurel will write article for newsletter about Block Captains
3 Block Captains and mapping neighborhood efforts need to be identified and organized  geographically by the ten areas within South Eugene
4 suggestion to identify area captains to recruit and communicate with block captains
5 suggestion to have “Block Captain Meeting” to get folks to take on this role.
1.Need a designated MC for stage area- make sure performers are there, signal start
   and finish time, coordinate with sound person
2.turnout was a success- some 300 plus people/all age groups
  1. ice cream social was very stressful- needs better planning and organizing next year
  2. Bhangra did not show up, maybe next year
  3. need to identify board member roles better next year
  4. raffle went much smoother this year
  5. kudos to SEN board members for making this picnic possible
Emily Fox
SEN Board Secretary