General Meeting: Input from Southeast Neighbors Needed!

Join us On Thursday February 1st from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Good Samaritan, 3500 Hilyard St. to share your views, ask questions or just listen.

Housing issues are a big concern in our community, with a shortage of low and medium income homes, the city needs to consider how to meet the needs of a growing population. What does this mean for us in Southeast Eugene? Will residents lose backyard privacy, solar access and parking or can we develop a plan that meets the needs of our community without sacrificing the character of our neighborhood?

We will have a focus group discussion, led by Clay Roberts Neal who is an Architecture graduate student at University of Oregon, and a South Eugene native. Clay is currently studying housing issues in Eugene and would like to have people from our neighborhood come to share their views. Clay is currently working on his final project to earn his degree. Major talking points related to his project are included here, and will be the focus for our discussion.

  • The final project (called “terminal studio”) focuses on how to design and build housing to meet the needs of Eugene’s growing and changing population within our current Urban Growth Boundary.
  • Consideration for housing designs that include single family to “missing middle” types like duplexes, fourplexes, rowhouses, and cottage clusters to 2-3 story apartment buildings.
  • The class of 15 students are looking at how to develop new housing in Eugene. Goals for new housing are: 1) Affordability, 2) Environmental sustainability, 3) Remains consistent with the quality and character of existing neighborhoods.
  • We hope to hear directly from neighbors including issues or experience in development and hopes for the protection or enhancement of the neighborhood.
  • The class will identify specific lots in the SEN area for housing design proposals. The hope is to receive feedback from neighbors on specific design elements, and make conclusions about what neighbors want in terms of new housing in the neighborhood.
  • This will allow neighbors to see first-hand how a housing project progresses through design and development. Though the model will not be built, this will be an opportunity for neighbors to get a sense of how development in Southeast Eugene might look.
  • The question at the heart of this project is: “can a well-designed duplex, four-plex or cottage cluster contribute positively to a neighborhood’s character and provide more kinds of housing for people who want to live in these great neighborhoods?”

For more information about the housing project, or to contact him with questions, please call Clay Roberts Neale at (541) 554-0626. Or you can call any of your Southeast Neighborhood Association Board members.

If you want information about the experience of other cities in regards to urban development, we invite you to view the YouTube video below. This will give some idea of how other city councils have addressed this issue and will help explain why it is so important for Southeast Eugene Residents to get involved now, before zoning changes are implemented for our neighborhood.


Come share your opinions and questions about proposed zoning changes in Eugene!