SEN Board Meeting February 1st, Update on Clay Roberts Neal project

Housing issues are a big concern in our community, with a shortage of low and medium income homes. The city is in the process of determining how to meet the needs of a growing population. What might this mean for us in Southeast Eugene? Will residents lose backyard privacy, solar access and parking or can we develop a plan that meets the needs of our community without sacrificing the character of our neighborhood?

The SEN Board has scheduled a series of meetings to gather input from neighbors about these questions. Clay Roberts Neal, a graduate Architecture student at the U of O,  contacted us late last year with a request to do similar research among southeast residents. We invited him to help engage neighbors in such a conversation and scheduled him for the February meeting. Clay’s design studio is focused on determining whether a well-designed duplex, four-plex, or cottage cluster can contribute positively to the neighborhood’s character. At the February 1 meeting we asked neighbors to respond to a series of questions about their sense of livability, concerns they have with the impact of new development in the neighborhood, and what they would be willing to compromise on to accommodate more density.

Clay is compiling the comments and responses and will report back on all that he learned at our April 12 meeting.

To participate in the neighborhood’s effort to gather input you can contact the SEN Board by calling (541) 782-8736, or by email at You can also access more information on our website by going to

Please join us for the next two meetings in this series,  on March 1st  and  then on April 12th , both at Good Samaritan from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Our April meeting will be an opportunity to see the results of the Clay Roberts Neal’s project.

If you want information about the experience of other cities in regards to urban development, we invite you to view the YouTube video below. This will give some idea of how other city councils have addressed this issue and will help explain why it is so important for Southeast Eugene Residents to get involved now, before zoning changes are implemented for our neighborhood.