Empower your voice, Stand for your Community! May Elections 2018

Southeast Neighborhood Association (SEN) Elections held May 3rd, 2018

Getting involved with your neighborhood association is a great way to make your voice heard in local government. From decisions that impact you and your family, to preparing for a disaster, our community needs your voice.

May elections are right around the corner for the SEN Neighborhood Association board. The neighborhood charter allows for a total of ten board members. Our current board consists of nine members with one vacant, at large seat. Each year, the board membership elects members to terms of two years by the general Southeast Neighborhood membership (anyone who lives in Southeast Neighborhood is a member).

We have a list of questions we ask of candidates who are running for a board position. It can be provided by sending a request to the following email address.

To get involved with your neighbors and help make informed decisions about city government, contact the Southeast Neighbors board at southeastneighbors@gmail.com. If you want to run for a seat on the SEN Neighborhood Association board in the May 3rd, 2018 election, please contact Laurel Burke at laurel0963@gmail.com or call (541) 515-6157.

Hope to see you soon!