Amazon Mile Walking Tour: Sunday, May 6, 2018

walkWalk the Amazon Mile from the Hilyard Center to Tugman Park. Learn the history of our public recreation spaces, talk about new development and transit patterns, meet some neighbors along the way and look for newts in the creek.

The walk is flat terrain with maintained sidewalks, roughly 30 minutes there and back at a leisurely pace with time to enjoy the park together. Total walk = 2.0 miles

Date: Sunday, May 6, 2018
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PDT

Event Start/End: Hilyard Community Center

Host: Heather Sielicki

Accessibility: This event is accessible and open to Wheelchairs, Seniors, Children,

Registration: No, all are welcome.

Jane Jacobs Walk

Jane Jacobs Walk Principles:

All Jane Jacobs Walk events are given and taken for free.

The walks are led by anyone who has an interest in a neighborhood where they live, work or hang out.

They offer a personal take on the local culture, the social history and the planning issues faced by residents. They are not always about architecture.

Jane Jacobs Walks work best as walking conversations, with lots of personal observations and examples. Jane Jacobs believed strongly that local residents understood best how their neighborhood works and what is needed to strengthen and improve them.

When it comes to making improvements to the livability and vibrancy of neighborhoods, people are often isolated or unaware of others who may share their interests. Jane Jacobs Walks help to bridge these gaps by encouraging people to explore the sidewalks they use to go shopping, getting to school and work and many other tasks in our daily lives.

A Jane Jacobs Walk encourages an environment where people choose alternatives to the automobile for their transportation, not merely as a recreational option, but as a viable and enjoyable way to improve health and increase social cohesion.