Board members present: David, Lynne, William, Emily, Deborah, Dennis ,Krystal, Laurel, and Kit Councilor Taylor also attended

GENERAL MEETING will be held on April 12 with Clay Neal to report back on comments from neighbors at the February meeting.

William will coordinate; Lynne will send out an email invite to our list, to next door, and on Facebook.

We’ll also have an auditor debate between the appointed and elected auditor campaigns. This meeting will be held at Good Sam.

We we’ll have our annual board elections at the May 3 General Meeting. This will be held at the Hilyard Community Center.

There are two board positions up for election this year- Deborah Noble’s term has expired and Cindy Allen resigned earlier in the year.

David said that there was some disagreement about the number of positions open and whether he and Dennis need to stand for reelection. Because of this David spoke with Rene Kane at the City and was told that the City Attorney’s opinion is that neighborhood boards interpret their own charter. If someone disagrees with that they can ask that the City Attorney for a review.  David’s interpretation is that Dennis and David were elected as officers to the board in May of 2017 and are serving 2 year terms. Deborah stands for re-election and there is one vacant seat due to Cindy Allen’s resignation. There was some discussion of what the SEN charter says. The board agreed with David’s interpretation and the elections will be organized accordingly.

The following people had expressed interest in being on the board:
Mary Truth, John Bowman, David Gerber, Kate Davidson

It was agreed that the board should review the charter to determine whether it needs modification in regards to the election process.

LAND USE-INFILL: The Planning Commission had a meeting about SB1051.
The PC recommended to Council that SDU’s (secondary dwelling units) be allowed in all R1 properties and also in R2,3, and 4.  They also recommended to do away with home owner occupancy, size restriction( now 800 sq ft.), minimum lot size , and to grandfather in all noncompliant SDU’s . On April 9th there will be a public forum at the city council concerning this issue. City manager said phase 2 will discuss any changes in code details of siting, setback,design etc. Also the Housing Policy Board weighs in on these decisions. Betty Taylor said that the decision about construction excise tax (CET) will be delayed and the C2 work session was postponed as well.

Also discussed CC&R’s- covenants,conditions and restrictions in the context of preventing inappropriate development. This is how neighborhoods were kept intact before citywide zoning was established. They have been transferred to the current zoning ordinance. However, the city says city zoning trumps the CC&R but judges have ruled differently and said the CC&R’s should be honored. The board encourages all neighbors to know whether their property is governed by any CC&Rs and would like to educate neighbors about the concept of opportunity siting (neighbors deciding where the best place for development is in their neighborhood.


Will use last year’s format of one band

NLC LETTER APPROVED(neighborhood leadership committee)

Letter requesting that neighborhood associations should be able to weigh in on code changes concerning infill. (vote was unanimous)


Currently $720 in acct. A little over $3000 dollars was raised to pay down debt to our land-use lawyer for work on protecting Amazon Headwater property.
Deborah Noble will cover mailing costs -$111.

42 donations were made in total