As a primer on CCRs, read this RG letter by Christine Sundt

To determine if you have a CCR governing your property and neighborhood:

  1. Go to the Lane County Property Maps website
  2. Find your subdivision:
  3. Type in your street address, then click “Search”
  4. Click on your address in the list
  5. Scroll down to “Tax Account Data and Maps Links”
  6. Click on the link after “Tax Maps”
  7. The next page will list the available PDF documents for your address. Click on “View” before each PDF to determine which one includes your property.
  8. See the name of the subdivision printed on the map near your property.
  9. Go to the Western Title company website
  10. Enter your subdivision name OR leave it blank and click “Search” and the list of all subdivisions will be displayed. Scroll through the list to find yours.
  11. Click “View” to see your entire CCR documentation on screen.
  12. Download your document within your browser, or click the checkbox next to it and a dialog will open for you to receive it free by email.

Note that some subdivisions have multiple CCRs, so be sure to identify the one with your property.

A CCR is in place to use IF the people there want to use it. It can only be ignored IF no one there objects.

What happened in Hawkins Heights with the trees is an example. 1 person can stop the whole process.

Within the CCR is specifics of the power dynamics as to what power the locals have.

A lot of Eugene is covered by CCRs. Some have no conditions, while others are very strong.