Neighborhood Schools

4J Neighborhood School Boundary MapsThe Southeast neighborhood feeds into five neighborhood schools and is home to two charter schools and a choice school.

Volunteer Opportunities in Schools

In today’s schools, there are simply far more jobs and responsibilities than there are people to do them. By helping with special events and routine tasks, volunteers allow teachers and staff to focus more on helping children learn and grow. The school can accomplish more, and offer children and families more services, with the help of volunteers.

Every 4J school welcomes and appreciates volunteers. Many volunteers work 1–3 hours per week; others help intermittently. Every 4J school has many opportunities for volunteers to make a difference for kids! Possibilities include:

  • Classroom help.
  • Library assistance.
  • Field trip help.
  • Tutoring students in math, science, foreign languages, etc.
  • Mentoring individual students.
  • Career Center assistance (high schools).
  • Pack and label newsletters for mailing.
  • Help in the school garden.
  • Sell bus passes, hand out forms at high school registration, take tickets at events.
  • Support schools through volunteering with or making a tax-deductible contribution to the Eugene Education Fund.
  • And more! Contact your neighborhood school to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Middle School Mentor Program

  • Be a mentor — touch a life! A small investment of time, energy and caring can yield great dividends in the life of a middle school student.
  • Dedicated community volunteers are paired with at-risk 4J middle school students.
  • Mentors and their student mentees have lunch together at the school once a week.
  • Contact your neighborhood middle school or call 541-790-7550 to learn more.
  • Download the brochure here.

OASIS Tutoring Program (volunteers age 50 and up)

  • OASIS intergenerational tutoring taps the potential of volunteers who have the time, patience and life experience to make a profound difference in the lives of children.
  • Tutor an elementary school student for one hour a week to improve language and reading skills. Training provided.
  • Sponsored by PeaceHealth Center for Senior Health, Macy’s, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Quality Financial Group.
  • Contact Patricia Rankin at 541-687-9178 or

SMART — Start Making a Reader Today

  • Help kids become confident readers by providing individual volunteer attention and new, take-home books.
  • Read to elementary school students for one hour each week.
  • SMART school coordinator provides coaching and schedules.
  • or 541-726-3302

School Volunteering Links

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