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To speak with a board representative, call (541) 337-9276.

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Direct all mail to Southeast Neighbors · PO Box 50238 · Eugene, Or 97405 · USA

2017-2018 Southeast Neighbors Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the President and Vice President and eight (8) additional directors. Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting in May.

  • Kate Davidson, President
  • Dennis Hebert, Vice President
  • Emily Fox, Secretary
  • John Baumann, Treasurer
  • Ana Mcabee, At-Large
  • William Collinge, At-Large
  • Sue Ludington, At-Large

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are posted to the SEN web site. The purpose of the meeting minutes is to convey what the association has voted on and the details of each business meeting. Click here for archived minutes.

Web Site

The purpose of the web site is to supplement and to provide greater detail into information presented in the Southeast newsletter and contains the following pages: About, Contact Us, Get Involved, and Newsletters. An archive of past SEN business is hosted at and on the SEN wiki.

The Board of Directors appoint a web site manager for the web site to post/edit material and maintain user accounts. Members of the board may also publish information relevant to the association’s organizational goals or edit posts and pages as needed. Association members may submit articles for inclusion. Articles shall clearly indicate editorial material. Visitors have the option to leave comments on all articles. Comments considered to be spam or offensive material will be deleted by the web site manager. Visitors also have the option to subscribe to new posts or comment feeds.

Social Media

The SEN Facebook page is used to provide publish meeting dates and important, time-sensitive announcements to facebook users. The Board of Directors shall appoint a social media manager to edit material and maintain user accounts. Association members who join the group may submit information to share with the group. Posts considered to be spam or offensive material will be deleted by the social media manager.


The purpose of the printed “Southeast Neighbors News” is to distribute information to Southeast Neighbors members and to provide a forum for free expression of opinions by members on issues of interest to the neighborhood. Advocacy positions may be included in the newsletter in an editorial format. An archive of past newsletters is kept up to date at

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