Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Openings:

  • Board Member, At-Large
  • Board Member, Vice-President
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Crime & Safety Coordinator
  • Adopt-a-Park Coordinator, Tugman Park
  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Land Use Committee Members
  • Vulnerable Populations Working Group members

The neighborhood association is active and engaged in issues like neighborhood safety, livability, local politics, sustainability, building community, and outreach. We share information with the community and to give residents in Southeast Eugene a forum to discuss common concerns and to brainstorm possible solutions. Some potential outcomes may be: civic engagement, improved street lighting, bike paths, traffic calming, disaster preparedness, school involvement, zoning and land-use planning, support for vulnerable neighbors, enhanced safety, and pesticide-free parks.

Neighborhoods thrive when many different people get involved in the community. We are committed to treating all people fairly, and to fully embracing the unique contribution of all Eugene residents regardless of age, faith, race, national origin, immigration status, gender identity, ability, ethnicity, housing status, sexual orientation, economic or other social status.

Southeast Neighbors is geographically based, defined formally on the neighborhood boundary map by the City of Eugene. Any resident, property owner, or business owner, 18 years of age or older, within those boundaries is automatically a voting member of the association.

Contact Us to Get Involved

Building Connections

Ideas from the November 2015 Neighborhood Meeting

  • Map your neighborhood: Emergency preparedness on a neighborhood level
  • Crime watch groups [see https://www.eugene-or.gov/FAQ.aspx?QID=328 for how to form one]
  • Follow the Register-Guard community events calendar and participate in neighborhood events
  • Ways of welcoming new neighbors:
    • Neighborhood newcomer welcome meetings:
    • Neighborhood welcome packet is sent to new EWEB customers establishing accounts in Southeast Neighbors area or based on USPS new postal customer address change forms.
    • Can get new address changes from the post office or EWEB to get notification of new arrivals to the neighborhood?
    • Quarterly meet-ups for new SEN neighbors to get introduced to the neighborhood.
    • Facebook groups for immediate neighbors in 3-4 block radius.
    • Summer potlucks/ welcome students to the neighborhood Fall event (perhaps combined with the SEN Fall picnic at Tugman Park).
  • Create ways for newcomers to connect with neighbors.
    • Sponsor a clothes exchange.
    • Build connections and partnerships with the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, and their respective student bodies.
    • Work parties at neighborhood parks, with signs posted throughout the neighborhood.
    • A SEN neighborhood 5K run along the Amazon trail to meet up with neighbors and U/O students.
    • More community service events for students: Sororities and fraternities have volunteer / community service requirements for their members.
    • Communicate directly with immediate neighbors about concerns, such as noise, parking, public safety, etc.
    • Neighborhood garage sales or free swaps/ clothes exchanges.
    • Neighborhood parties and ice cream socials.
    • Involve local businesses, e.g. Tsunami Books or grocery stores, in organizing neighborhood events.
    • Front yard or block parties:
    • Hold a bunch of block parties around the neighborhoods on the same weekend.
    • Apply for street vacation permit(s) from the City to block selected streets for neighborhood parties.
    • Meet neighbors while walking the dog.
  • Create physical spaces in the neighborhood that facilitate human interaction, e.g. front yard benches, gazebos, etc.
    • Build new features in neighborhood parks to facilitate people spending more time socializing with neighbors (e.g. canopies, benches and tables, etc.).
    • Work with the City and a private vendor to establish a walk-up coffee kiosk at Tugman Park.
    • A neighborhood art project(s) for kids and parents (e.g. paint fire hydrants or sidewalks).
    • Create new neighborhood orchards or community gardens.

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