Accomplishments, Needs, & Priorities

In early 2013, the Southeast Neighbors Board of Directors compiled the following list for Neighborhood Services to highlight their Accomplishments, Needs, and Priorities. This information is provided to City Council each year.


Most Significant Accomplishments in 2013

  1. Improved communication by expanding email list from 76 subscribers to over 400
  2. Neighborhood Picnic attended by 250
  3. Participated in volunteer park maintenance at Ridgeline Trail and Tugman

Biggest Needs

  1. Recruiting new board members and neighborhood volunteers.
  2. Developing expertise in land use regulation

Top Goals/Priorities for 2014

  1. Promoting and supporting neighborhood volunteer initiatives including  CERT, Map Your Neighborhood, Parks & Open Space maintenance.
  2. Formalizing non-profit status or partnering with Eugene Neighborhoods so that we can raise funds more effectively
  3. Continued focus on outreach and communication


3 Most Significant Accomplishments in 2012

  1. Fought together to protect the Amazon Headwaters
  2. Improved neighborhood communication/outreach through our newsletters, web sites and Facebook page, neighborhood picnic and Sunday Streets booth
  3. Maintained a dedicated, active neighborhood board

3 Biggest Needs

  1. Fundraising for Amazon Headwaters Conservation
  2. Engaging more people in our neighborhood in SEN projects
  3. Expanding our efforts to improve our community to a wider range of issues

Top 3 Goals/Priorities for 2013

  1. Continuing to fight to save the Amazon Headwaters Keystone
  2. Working to make 30th Avenue safer for our residents to cross by bike and foot
  3. Sponsoring 1 or more volunteer projects to assist city departments

Neighborhood Services is charged with providing the support necessary for establishing and maintaining a system of healthy, functioning neighborhood organizations. Several performance benchmarks have been established to provide a baseline for determining the activity status of neighborhood associations.

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